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Tijuana Morena (24x355ml)
This lager dark beer is unique among all others. Its smooth body and mahogany color are a result ..
Single Price: AU $85.00
Berlina Patagonia India Pale Ale (12x355ml)
Red beer with a medium body and aromatic properties. Enriched during brewing with a blend of ..
Single Price: AU $60.00
Berlina Patagonia Golden Ale (12x355ml)
Golden beer, light and refreshing with a pleasant taste resulting from the subtle balance between..
Single Price: AU $60.00
Tijuana Brava (24x355ml)
Malt character should be light-toasted rather than strongly caramel (though a low level of light ..
Single Price: AU $85.00
Tijuana Xolos (24x355ml)
Lager beer with a bright gold color, light, refreshing, with malt character and nice aroma, perfe..
Single Price: AU $80.00
Tijuana Rosarito Beach (24x355ml)
A mild bodied lager beer, fresh and shiny gold color, with a nice mild malt and hop aroma 100% br..
Single Price: AU $75.00
Tijuana Bufadora (24x355ml)
Unique in its kind preserves the body and strength of “Premium” beers for not being f..
Single Price: AU $100.00
Tijuana Light (24x355ml)
A lighter alternative to the Güera, with all the characteristics of an extraordinary lager b..
Single Price: AU $80.00
Tijuana Guera (24 x 355ml)
A lighter beer that satisfies the taste of beer connoisseurs. Its blend of finely balanced hops a..
Single Price: AU $85.00
Berlina Patagonia Foreign Stout (12x355ml)
This is a robust ebony-colored beer combining caramelized and chocolate malts, and toasted barley..
Single Price: AU $60.00
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